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Producer Hanan Kattan

On set with Charles Dance and Shamim Sarif, my partner and the director

People ask me often how I juggle life as a film producer with my other businesses. There are two answers to that.

One is that making feature films is a cyclical process. When you are in production, it consumes you. Then it tends to be more part time work raising funding for the next one and of course, selling and marketing the new film!

Our latest film, Despite the Falling Snow, has literally just completed post production at Pinewood Studios this week. Working at the same studios where James Bond is shooting is a thrill. But now I have a little more time to focus more on my other passion – entrepreneurship.

I’ve always worked for myself and created businesses. And what a learning curve I’ve had along the way! Some of that learning curve went into my book, Grow Your Profits. Although it covered online marketing, the first section was really about defining who you’re marketing to, and making your messaging compelling enough to cut through the crowd of competitors that every business faces.

I’m really happy that so many people found the book useful – but a lot of business owners (particularly smaller businesses and start-ups) wanted more detail on this process of creating marketing and sales processes that really work.

So, while our movie has been completing in this past year or two, I’ve also worked on creating a new video course called Marketing Mastery. It breaks down everything a small business needs to increase their sales and systemise, into short video modules.

We have some good news to announce about Marketing Mastery next week, so stay tuned. For now, thank you for reading my first blog in some time, and I’ll follow up with regular tips to help you get your business back on track if it’s struggling, or to help you grow it more efficiently if you’re already doing well!

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