About Us

Marketing From a Team Who Know What It’s Like To Start and Run Your Own Business

hanan-kingston-pictureAs an entrepreneur, I’ve gone from multiplying turnover ten times over in a distribution arm for L’Oreal when I was just out of university, to building my own hair care brands against the multi-national conglomerates, to producing and distributing movies that found a core audience and 30 million YouTube hits.

I’ve learned a lot along the way about the importance of marketing in general – of understanding your ideal client, identifying them and then crafting messages that speak to those prospects who want your service or product. Without that, no business can survive.

That’s one of the reasons I wrote the book ‘Grow Your Profits – Online Marketing Secrets that Really Work’.  Some of the questions that book answers are:

How do you drive targeted customers to your website?
How do you even identify the right customers?
What do you say to them to make them buy from you?
How do you build a sales process you can replicate to create reliable revenue?
How do you systemise your business so you work less and earn more?

The book touched a cord with many entrepreneurs, start ups, small business owners and marketing managers and I was regularly asked to elaborate on the principles and provide help in applying them.

The resulting system formed the basis of Marketing Mastery. With this online course, I hope to be able to help many more entrepreneurs create the business they’ve always wanted.