Grow Your Profits

Our Business Mastery Video course has now concluded but much of the advice and information from the course is available in founder, Hanan Kattan’s book Grow Your Profits. Available now to buy in Paperback  |  Download  |  Audio book

‘Brilliant. As a busy business owner, if you have time to read just one book, this should be the book! A step by step digital road map that will set any business on the path to greater sales and profits.’  
Jennifer Hill, CFO Merrill Lynch

GYP-2014-beautyWhen I started out in business, I was eager, passionate and ready to take on the world. And I learned a lot along the way. Experience is really the best teacher in many ways.

But there were many things that I just wish someone had told me earlier.

Great marketing, both on and off line, presents a truly phenomenal opportunity to make much more money than you’ve ever made before – but it is a process. It needs a series of steps to be implemented and it needs consistency.

‘Grow Your Profits’ is my way of putting those processes into an easy to follow guide and was the inspiration for our Marketing Mastery course.

Grow Your Profits is available as a

Paperback  |  Download  |  Audio book

‘Hanan’s online digital marketing principles provide invaluable advice, that can be applied across multiple platforms.’
Gabriella DiMaggio, Head of Project Management, Bloomberg Mobile
‘This book teaches digital marketing holistically, as part of any entrepreneur’s business plan. I recommend it to anyone who wants their business to go to the next level, quickly.’
Michelle Lee, Managing Director, Global Services & Travel, Citibank
‘This book demonstrates that marketing is not just about spending money or buying online space, but about what you say to the people you seek to serve. Telling the story of your product, brand or business is the key. Hanan’s principles are timeless and apply in any space, digital or offline.’
Teri Schwartz, Dean of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
‘If your business is stagnant or just starting, ‘Grow You Profits’ will give you the boost you need – for your online presence, your marketing and your sales.’
Andrea Wong, President, International Production, Sony Pictures
‘Don’t even think of launching a business, a product or a website without reading this book first. Hanan takes entrepreneurs and digital marketers back to the foundations on which success is built.’
Christine Bense, Plant Manager, Kraft